Highly Elastomeric Waterproofing Coating

Globcon AQUA FLEX W9 Waterproofing is a two component cementitious & acrylic flexible Waterproofing coating composed of high grade Portland cement, properly selected & graded aggregates, additives & liquid polymers.

The product is designed to waterproof structures like swimming pools, bathrooms, water tanks, basement, wet areas, tunnels, retaining walls, pile heads, fountain areas, bridge deck etc. It can be easily applied on horizontal and vertical situation. On curing, this heavy duty waterproofing component forms an elastomeric waterproof & protective layer to the substrate.

Technical Parameters

Elongation % ASTM D412 Upto 140%
Adhesive Pull Off strength ASTM D4541 >2N/mm²
Water Permeability
Positive Pressure ASTM 1048
Negative Pressure ASTM 1048

Upto 7 bar
Upto 6 bar
Crack Bridging ASTM 836 Upto 2 mm
Pot life 30 min Approx
Water Powder Ratio 30 to 35 % by weight
Shelf Life & Storage Best before one year from the date manufacture when in sealed pack and stored under proper condition.
Packaging Combo Pack (A+B) : 5 kg & 15 kg.

Benefits and key Features

Excellent adhesion to cementitious substrates like concretes or plaster.
Good crack accomodation capacity. Durable in all climate conditions including UV Attack.
Excellent barrier to carbon dioxide, chloride and sulphate ions.
Just mix the liquid component and powder component in the specified proportion and apply.
The product is flexible with thermal expansion similar to concrete.
It's Breathable because it allows interior moisture vapour to escape.


  • AQUA FLEX W9 Waterproofing is supplied in precisely proportioned units ready for mixing,
  1. Shake the liquid component. Transfer the entire quantity of liquid part A to a clean vessel. Aqua flex waterproofing shall be mixed with a low speed stirrer ( < 500 RPM).
  2. Start adding powder part B to liquid part A in to a vessel. Mix till smooth & homogeneous slurry without any lumps. Mix thoroughly for at least 3-4 minutes to required consistency.
  1. The surface must be dry & dampened (with no standing water).
  2. AQUA FLEX W9 Waterproofing is applied on the positive side of the substrate.
  3. Start applying the first coat of slurry by a stiff brush of 120-150 mm or broom, roller or flat trowel maintaining thickness of 1 mm. if required embed with a fibre glass mesh. When the material is sticky use a trowel to work the material up and trough the mesh until it is completely embedded.
  4. Allow the 1st coat to dry for 4-6 hours.
  1. Start applying the 2nd coat. The two coat thickness should be minimum 2 mm.
  2. 2nd coat should be always applied in opposite direction to the 1st coat.
  3. If the areas subjected to heavy hydrostatic pressure apply another coat.
  4. The product applied area should be protected from direct sunlight & to be damp cured by covering with damp hessian. After that it should be protect by overlapping of screed.
Precaution & Limitations:
  1. Do not add water at site.
  2. Mix the entire material at once.
  3. Do not flood or over expose the treated surface to water until it is completely cures.
  4. When applying the material, the surface temperature should not be less than 10°C or more than 45°C.
  5. Allow 14 days curing before submersion.

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Aqua Flex W9