Few words about Globcon

Headquartered in Surat, GCC - Global Construction Company is primarily focused on residential and commercial projects. In all its residential projects, the company lays a strong emphasis on environmental management, water harvesting and high safety standards. The Company has constructed a wide variety of structures for corporate including corporate offices.

Over years of Global Construction Co. growth, it was fundamental to our business to obtain and maintain client satisfaction by delivering quality construction services on time, and within budget. With almost three decades of experience and variety of successful projects were achieved.

Vision, mission and values

"To provide best in class services and solutions characterized by innovation and excellence to satisfy our customers, ensuring the sustainability of GLOBCON"
"We deliver exceptional services and innovative solutions striving to exceed all customers expectations".
GCC Group's strength is generated through its five core values: Humanity, Honesty, Substance, Foresight and Innovation. By holding its values in all its actions, GCC Group is creating a promising future.

Message from the Director

Greetings! Let me thank you for visiting our website and showing interest in Globcon AAC Blocks. We take pride in being associated with a nature of business, which address the most basic need of humanity, and individuals - 'Shelter', fondly we call 'Home', while the need for shelter also extends to commercial and institutional level.

Over the years of our professional endeavours in building construction industry, we've learned that nothing matters most then quality and trust. Whatever we produce or build, last for years to come, hence we have constantly set our vision on long term future and accordingly aligned our short term goals.

- Mr. Bimal Navadia